Host Highlights :: City Watch

co-host Bich Ha Pham

The producers of City Watch have a vision for their show to be a forum for detailed discussions and analysis of social, economic and political issues affecting New Yorkers. Hosts Bich Ha Pham, Brooke Richie, and Mark Dunlea air the voices of the people living and working in our communities; the researchers, the government leaders, the budget advocates and the organizers. Because the three co-hosts work in policy advocacy, their questions and dialogue help to make the issues come alive for our listeners. City Watch also serves as a source of counter-information to the powers that be in the NYS Governor’s and NYC Mayor’s office.

co-host Mark Dunlea on the left

Their recent 4th of July weekend show theme was The State of Democracy in NY on Independence Day, which was devoted to looking at issues related to democracy in the Empire State. The guests were:

Keesha Gaskins, Senior Counsel, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, discussing the failure of the recently completed session of the NYS Legislature to deal with the issue of independent redistricting for state legislative and congressional districts.

Susan Arbetter, host of the The Capitol Pressroom, discussing the recent legislative session and Governor Cuomo on issues such as same-sex marriage, ethics reform and campaign financing.

Jarrett Murphy, Editor of City Limits, discussing the curtailment of civil liberties in NYC post 9/11.

Co-host Bich Ha Pham is a committed advocate for social and economic justice and works to promote equitable public policies. She worked as a legal services attorney providing civil legal representation to low-income clients before becoming an anti-poverty policy advocate. She is a Board member of World Hunger Year and is a member of the West Harlem Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program.

Co-host Brooke Richie is a committed advocate for children and families living in poverty. She is an attorney and the Executive Director of the Resilience Advocacy Project, a youth advocacy organization in NYC. Brooke is on the board of Community Voices Heard, she is Chair of the NYC Bar Association’s Social Welfare Committee, and she participates in numerous anti-poverty, women’s rights, and child advocacy organizations throughout the State.

Co-host Mark Dunlea is a community organizer and long-term welfare rights advocate. He is a graduate of RPI and Albany Law School. He is a former Head Organizer for ACORN; researcher for the Environmental Planning Lobby; and National Field Director of the Campaign for Safe Energy. He is co-founder of New York and National Public Interest Research Group; New York State Greens; Capital District Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild; Social Justice Center/Peace Offerings; and Hudson-Mohawk Independent Media Center. He is the Executive Director of Hunger Action Network. The producers can be contacted at:


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