Fri Nov 25, 7pm WBAI Fundraiser : Peace of the World(s)

Friday Nov 25, 7pm Fundraiser for WBAI Building Fund

For one night only, Anthony J. Sloan, WBAI Arts Director Emeritus, will lead an all-star cast in an original live modern AudioDrama –Peace of the World(s) – in support of the station’s building fund.

Listeners are invited to be part of the broadcast audience as we present an original concept from the Creative Unity Collective. We are recruiting staff from our current line-up to take part in the very special broadcast. There will be a live dance party as we continue broadcasting from 56 Walker Street (between Broadway and Church Street) with the Underground RailRoad with Jay Smooth and crew. The party will go until 1am. The donation admission price is $15 at the door and includes a light meal…all proceeds will go directly to the moving fund for WBAI. Doors open at 7pm. Check this website for further updates…

After the jump, I interview Anthony J Sloan who will lead the all-star cast to this Friday’s Peace of the World(s).

Me:  How are you, Mr Sloan?
Anthony (J Sloan)
On the campus of the University of Cape Town in the Centre for Film and Media Studies, where I teach, i am known as Brother Sloan. In the townships around Cape Town i am called Brother Anthony.  Everywhere else on the planet ( they call me Anthony.

MeCan you tell the readers about your background?
I have been affiliated with Pacifica Radio, since 1983 when i came to WBAI as a telephone volunteer. Folks can check my WEB site to lean more of my history ( I have been involved in professional theatre since 1967 when i was trained at the Negro Ensemble Company. My undergraduate degree is in mass communications. My graduate studies was in Playwriting. My passion is in the genre of live modern AudioDrama as i have continue to define it as an emerging art form.

How did you start at WBAI?
I listened to the station and followed Bernard White’s Emanations. The style of his program was similar to the format and style i used when i did my Rutgers University radio program Variations in Blackness; i came to the station as a telephone volunteer for Emanations.

Would you say radio dramas in the US enjoy the same level of popularity in other countries as the UK (i.e. BBC Radio’s Doctor Who Big Finish (C) series)?
No, they don’t, because our tradition has morphed more toward popular music. If you (view) listen to songs as stories, you can better understand this phenomena. A modern example would be R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet series.

What drew you to the art form of audio dramas?
I have been a theatre animal since my days in the Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s. When i returned to New York after three years of graduate studies in Playwriting, i was dissatisfied with the New York theatre scene. When i came to WBAI, Bernard White asked me what i wanted to do, aside from assist him with Emanations. I said i wanted to do Theatre on Radio. It took me three years to master all the technical aspects of the station, pull together a core repertory group, and amass enough “political/cultural” capital to begin, and continue, to develop the forms of modern live AudioDrama(s) i have created throughout the years on several continents.

MeCan you tell the readers a bit about Peace of the World(s)?
No, i can’t tell readers anything about Peace of the World(s). They either have to be listeners over the Internet at, listen over their FM radio tuners at 99.5FM, or, better still, come to the performance space at 56 Walker Street and be a participant. Doors open at 7pm.

Me: What was your inspiration for this Peace?
Pacifica Radio WBAI and the movement we are witnessing toward a different kind of Love, Peace and human Understanding.

Me:  How long have you been working on Peace?
AnthonyOh-h-h, about 7 weeks. Hope folks can witness the results of the kind of fun time we are going to have. Coming to the audience participation performance would be the best. I guarantee this will be a most unique experience.

Me: Thank you Anthony.  Remember dearest readers, this “Black Friday,” after your nightmarish battles at the shopping front, you can go to 56 Walker Street at 7 PM,  where you can witness a live audio drama, Peace of the World(s), starring WBAI Arts Director Anthony J Sloan, and an all-star cast.  Doors open at 7, and the broadcasting begins at 8 PM.  And at 10 PM folks,  Underground Railroad’s J Smooth and Crew will host a Live Dance Party on the spot, that will continue to 1 AM.  The admission, which will all directly go to the WBAI Capital Campaign, is $15 (because you do not need to get your Kindle a jewel encrusted skin).


Folks can listen in the New York area over their radio to WBAI at 99.5FM, over the Internet through the url: and if the time zone at 8pm Eastern Standard Time is an issue, they  can check the archive within two weeks (will be listed under the program scheduled for the Friday (Nov.25) 8pm slot: AndYouDontStop!)

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