Lynn Samuels, September 02, 1942 – December 24, 2011

Lynn Samuels, a former overnight producer, Music Director, engineer, and host on WBAI, passed away on December 24, 2011 (Christmas Eve) due to a heart attack.  After her BAI tenure, she was employed by WOR, WABC, and Sirius XM Stars.  During her career, she had controversial opinions on figures ranging from George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr) to Barak Obama.  Samuels was 69, and survived by her sister Judy and two nephews.


4 thoughts on “Lynn Samuels, September 02, 1942 – December 24, 2011

  1. No comments here, sadly, on the reasons why Lynn Samuels was let go by WBAI in the early 1990’s. A rather angry man called in to the station the other day and claimed that it was because the station had become “anti-semitic” and “anti-white male.” Without completely buying that argument, I do think that the guy had a certain point: Samuels was let go for reasons of ideological incompatibility. Alongside the expressions of condolence, one would like to hear from people at BAI just what that incompatibility consisted of.

    • To address your inquiry we can only, unfortunately, report that she left the station numerous station managers ago and we have no data that documents what occured. We do know from letters like yours that her work at WBAI was greatly respected and appreciated.

    • On WABC Lynn told her listeners why she was fired from WBAI. The WBAI program director? / station manager? at that time fired her because, she said, “he didn’t like me doing a show on WBAI when I already have a show on WABC … so he let me go.”

      Odd — she said “WABC knew that I was also doing a show on WBAI (on weekends), but did not mind.” BTW: the WBAI person who fired her was a white (am pretty sure), Australian male.

      I remember he was the one who removed a lot of arts programming from WBAI, especially the wonderful Friday late-afternoon-through-evening lineup of film/theatre/culture reviews.

  2. Lynn, you will really be missed. …

    When I first heard you, I didn’t keep the radio on — but the third time I kept on listening. Glad I did … because my radio-listening life was enriched so much because of you! … And in spite of what you said about your looks, after seeing photos of you this week (for the first time), I think you are a good-looking lady. You were too young to die, but you packed soooo much into your time here … it was like two lifetimes. R.I.P.

    laura g.

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