NYC 10/16/2012 (WBAI)

The WBAI Benefit Art Show and Auction has begun with the opportunity to preview and bid on artworks prior to the silent auction evening, WEDNESDAY, NOV.  7, 7:30pm at the Steve Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd St.

Go here to preview and bid on a wide array of artwork donated by well known distinguished artists.

WBAI has been honored by the outpouring of support for the auction by NYC’s art community. All 2-d and 3-d media are included in the show; painting, works on paper, art books, sculpture, printmaking, photography, posters, and collage. They include contemporary works as well as noted historical pieces donated by the estates of prominent artists owing to the artists’ known affection for WBAI.

The live auction will be attended by many of your favorite WBAI producers, the contributing artists, as well as several celebrity guests.

Contributing artists include:
Raja Aissa
Saul Appelbaum
Jonathan Auch
Richard Avedon
Melanie Baker
Fran Bealor
Liza Bear
Leonardo Benzant
Marcia Berstein
Nancy Burson
Theresa Byrnes
Brainard Carey
Chambliss Giobbi
Roy Colmer
Beatrice Coron
Frank Craven
Elise Engler
Collette V. Fournier
Deborah Freedman
Phyllis Galembo
Andrew Garn
Allen Ginsberg
Max Ginsburg
John Gonzalez
Stanley Greenberg
Dimitry Gubin
Robert Hale
Richard Haas
Ron Haviv
Alfredo Jaar
Bonnie Josephson
Anton Kandinsky
Marc Kehoe
Dred scott Keyes
Yashua Klos
David Krase
Robert Lach
Jack Laroux
Gilles Larrain
Louise Lawler
Jennifer MacFarlane
Jennifer Mack
Stephen Mallon
John Malloy
Thelma Mathias
Fred W. McDarrah
Barbara Mensch
Elias Melad
Arnold Mesches
Ann Messner
Charles Mingus lll
Gail Nathan
Ruth Bauer Neustadter
Moano Niumeitolu
Kevin Noble
Cherie Nutting
Alice O’Malley
Ken Paprocki
Valerie Piraino
Aga Ousseinov
Tom Otterness
Carlos Pinto
Faith Ringgold
Saul Robbins
Arlene Rush
Mark Saltz
Claude Samton
Tony Savino
Carl Scorza
Davina Semo
Stephen Shames
Kiki Smith
Ming Smith
Nina Sobell
Helen Stummer
Anita Thacher
Spencer Tunick
Judith Turner
Carlos Vanegas
Marjorie Van Dyke
Ken Van Sickle
Charlene Weisler
Lorraine Williams
And others –

WBAI is actually hosting and establishing an art event that is proving to be the go-to event of the season!

Curated by: Jim Wintner
Special Thanks to: Nina Felshin, Harley Spiller/Franklin Furnace & Robert CurcioImage


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