Winning Again with Building Bridges

– 10/08/2012 (WBAI)

We are proud to announce that Building Bridges has won yet another outstanding Media Competition award for excellence from the International Labor Communication Association (ILCA) for our program, “The 99% Occupies Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge” covering the Nov.17 2011 upsurge celebrating the two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. The 99% delivered a powerful message that the domination of society by a tiny elite of super-wealthy individuals and corporations who caused the economic crisis and lobby against an effective policies to end it, harnessing government to do their bidding is unacceptable. The day started with massive civil disobedience in Wall Streets and the protests were capped off by a rally and march over the Brooklyn Bridge by tens of thousands determined to take back and redistribute the wealth of this country to those who created it – the 99%. The program can be accessed at our web site

This past spring the Building Bridges’ production “Out of the Flames, From the Ashes:The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire & Its Legacy” won the Matt Doherty/Gwen Wells Excellence in broadcast Media and Communications award, one of the most prestigious awards granted by the N.Y. Metro Labor Communications Council (“METRO”). “Out of the Flames” can be accessed on our web site

This is the second time we’ve been honored by METRO, with this award, which we also won for our program “Domestic Workers Uniting – Your Home, My Work” which is available at .

Thank You!!
Building Bridges wishes to thank both the International Labor Communications Association and METRO for their recognition of our programming over the years and our numerous listeners and affiliated stations for your support.

Building Bridges Spreads Nationally & Internationally
You can win by listening every Monday to our broadcasts, streamed and archived over WBAI from 7 – 8 pm EST, or accessing our half-hour National Edition from our website. It is regularly broadcast by a growing list of more than 40 broadcast and internet radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The current economic crisis accents the relevance of the message of class struggle that Building Bridges has promoted for many years.

You Can Help Grow Building Bridges
Help Building Bridges to reach a wider audience by emailing this announcement to a family member, a friend, a co-worker, an activist who can join our mailing list by emailing . Your can also contact your local community radio station to carry the National Edition of Building Bridges in their programming lineup.

Listen on your Smartphone
WBAI live streams are available on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android & other smartphones. For more information, go to

Listen When You Want
Building Bridges and most WBAI Programs are now being archived for 90 Days. These links will be live ca. 15 minutes after the program ends. To listen, or download archived shows go to

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