United Front Against Austerity – Public Assembly

– New York 10/27/2012
United Front Against Austerity, Public Assembly
Saturday, 12:00pm
Walker Auditorium / INN World Report
56 Walker St
New York, NY 10013
(one and one half blocks south of Canal Street, between Church & Broadway)

Purpose: To organize an effective opposition to the impending austerity offensive; agitate to shift the burden of the economic depression onto Wall Street oligarchs; and to build momentum toward a genuine political revolution of, by and for the people.

Participants will hear proposals from distinguished speakers, engage in floor debate, and vote on vital strategic matters. The UFAA intends to build on Wisconsin and Occupy – with decisions, demands and action.


Cindy Sheehan – Antiwar Activist
Webster G. Tarpley – Author, historian and economist
Dr. W. Randy Short – SCLC, University of Virginia
Don DeBar – Founder, Community Progressive Radio
Anthony Monteiro – African-American Studies, Temple University
Dr. Jay Arena – Professor of Sociology, College of Staten Island, CUNY
Eric Lerner – Popular science writer and Occupy Wall Street activist
Rev. Edward Pinkney – Benton Harbor, Michigan activist (via Skype)
Murrell Brooks – Political Science, Virginia Wesleyan College
Eric Draitser – Independent journalist, StopImperialism.com
Bruce Marshall, moderator – former Congressional candidate, Green Party of Vermont

We will also hear from the following speakers through pre-recorded messages:

Amelia Boynton Robinson – Civil rights leader
Yanis Varoufakis – Political economist, Greek SYRIZA coalition
Glen Ford – Radio host, Black Agenda Report
Stephen Lendman – Research Associate, Center for Research on Globalization
David Swanson – Activist, blogger and author

Press Contact:
Elena Cromeyer, ecromeyer@gmail.com or Eric Draitser, ericdraitser@gmail.com


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