Pro-Torture Witch Hunter Returns to Texas in March

profile of a demagogue

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Robert Anton Wilson (via Oscar Wilde): Disobedience was Man’s Original Virtue

(C) frankenstoen @ flickr via Wikipedia

Robert Anton Wilson, the epic writer of the epic Illuminatus! Trilogy, passed away five years ago, on January 11, 2007.  A writer, phenomenologist, comedian and philosopher, RAW was also an activist fighting for the rights of all sentient beings.  And as such the Boing Boing, found by his protege and another grand figure in the field of activism, Ken Goffman AKA R. U. Sirius,  has dedicated a week to him.

One of such posts, by Boing Boing author Mark Frauenfelder, is Bob’s exposition of Oscar Wilde’s quote (which this WBAI blogger interprets as more inclusive than originally intended by the bohemian), “Disobedience was Man’s Original Virtue.”

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Danny Schechter on D17

Friend of WBAI, Danny Schechter wrote:

Saturday marked the third month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. It was also Bradley Manning’s Birthday. It was one of those days that confirmed the validity of the chant: “All Day, All Week, Occupy Wall Street”.

Ok, maybe, it wasn’t a whole week but Saturday felt like a week in one day. The plan for the day, as announced, was to gather at Duarte Park at 6th Avenue and Canal Street to attempt a RE-Occupation of vacant land owned by Trinity Church, more of a real estate company than a house of worship.

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