Become a BAI Buddy!

WBAI has launched an intensified initiative to respond to your requests that we cut down the number of days of on-air fund drives.

You can help us to do that by becoming a BAI BUDDY.

A BAI BUDDY is someone who signs up to make a recurring donation to WBAI using either a credit/debit card, or EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your bank account. It is safe, secure, and so easy!


BAI BuddyIt’s simple, automatic and means a great deal to keeping our unique and high-quality programming on the air!

Once your annual donation reaches or exceeds $25, you will become a full, voting member of WBAI!


Mail : You can register your recurring donation using the U. S. Mail. Just print out the form that is available here (.pdf) and mail it to the address provided.

Phone: Or, if you’re really enthusiastic about the great programs you’re enjoying on WBAI, you can call 212.209.2828 and tell them you want to become a BAI Buddy! We’ll be glad to help you get set up.


By becoming a WBAI Buddy:

  • You help to cut down the number of on-air fund drive days
  • You get the new WBAI tote/grocery bag
  • You become eligible for on-air giveaways
  • You get to participate in the Member Perks discount program at local shops and museums
  • You get discounted or free entry to WBAI live events
  • You automatically become a voting member of WBAI once your donation meets or exceeds $25.

Click here for more details about BAI-BUDDY benefits and perks!


– When 415  people sign up for just a $10 a month donation, we can eliminate our fund drive in September.

– When 3,500 people sign up for just a $10 a month donation, we can eliminate our entire summer fund drive. 

– When our entire current membership signs up for just a $10 a month donation, we no longer need any on-air fund drives!  

We all pay a whole lot more each month to watch cable TV and  to get on the internet.

By donating to WBAI we get a whole lot more for a whole lot less!