Journalism project in Lower East Side, NY by Andrea Katz

In the spring of 2011 a treasure trove of reel to reel tapes were uncovered at WBAI. Due to the delicate condition of audio tape that has aged, we organized a visit by audio archivists and volunteers to evaluate our findings. We sent 25 cartons of the reels to Pacifica Archives for restoring. We chose priority reels to ship by temperature controlled trucks to facilities in California to be “baked” and then digitized. We still have 30 more cartons filled with reels that need to be saved.

The voices of Woody Allen, Malcolm X, Bob Dylan, George Carlin, Pete Seeger, Angela Davis, Gore Vidal, Coretta Scott King, Delores Huerta, Noam Chomsky, Odetta, Fidel Castro are invaluable historical voices. We believe we also have the only existing recording of the Stonewall Uprising – someone actually went out in the street to record it! Continue reading